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This cake was made for a bridal shower. I absolutely love the colors and flowers. The cake was butter flavor with butter cream icing, covered in white chocolate ganache and fondant.


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Spiderman Cake

I have made a couple of Spiderman cakes in the past, but I do have to say that I believe this one is my favorite. The cake is yellow with butter cream icing and modeling chocolate accents. 

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I was delighted to find out that I was chosen to be featured on Woman’s Day Magazine‘s website!! They did an article on cupcake towers and included the one I did on Hello Kitty. This was actually published back in May, but I’m extremely behind on posting on my site. I can’t tell you how thrilled that the 1 person crew (aka ME) was picked out of who knows the number of  professional cake decorators. Anywho, check out the link here: http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Food-Recipes/Dessert-Recipes/8-Creative-Cupcake-Towers.html

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Here is a cake I made for a huge GA Bulldog fan. The cake is chocolate fudge with Buttercream icing. Fondant letters.

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As you can see, this site is dedicated to my cake decorating business.  Due to hard times, I know that everyone is searching for a way to save and earn a little cash. Because of this, this post is dedicated to a great site that I have found.

Beezag specializes in the sending of video ads to consumers who are looking for the products and services being advertised. These consumers have all opted-in and raised their hands after being invited to join Beezag.

Consumers are rewarded for their time and attention with offers, specials and even cash. An entire suite of patent-pending systems confirm whether a completed view has been achieved or not. Best of all, consumers must focus and concentrate on the commercials from start to finish.

Beezag currently has a waiting list. I am lucky enough to give a special pin# to bypass the waiting list.  The pin# is BSHENA and you can sign up HERE.  I have used this site for about a month now and already making a little cash. I hope everyone takes advantage of this. Please feel free to forward along to your friend!

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This is cake is vanilla with butter cream icing. Marshmallow Fondant accents. I’m still having  a hard time getting the butter cream perfectly smooth as I would like, but I’m slowly getting better. I used a cupcake for the pot base.

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This is a french vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Fondant accents. It is based off the decorations for the party. Garden Girl Plate

Garden Girl Plate

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